TopUp your phone line using the premium rate number 0911-033 2525 ( 1,50 per call)

You can TopUp as much as you want by calling the TopUp number multiple times (max. 10 per day).

BEWARE: Use the same phone line for Topping Up and making your calls. The costs for dialling the premium rate number are settled via your regular (BT) invoice.

After you have Topped Up your phone line, you can call the local rate number 0208-1 802 802. As soon as you are connected, you can dial any international number you want (including the country code). You can call as long as your TopUp allows.

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Afghanistan (landline)



Afghanistan (cellular)



Andorra (landline)



American Samoa (landline)



Algeria (cellular)



Calls are subjected to a 5p connection fee.


If you know a cheaper way to call then with the TeleTop access numbers, please let us know and we will try to undercut their rates.
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